Sunday, May 14, 2006

Al Gore on SNL

Bush Tax Cuts Do Not Help The Poor Or Middle Class

Here is an article from the Washington Post that has a table from the Tax Policy Center, that shows that the poor and middle class will save just a few measly dollars.

When he touts this as something that will help the middle class and it doesn't, then it is just another way of giving more cuts to the rich. He is hoping everyone is stupid enough to believe him. I know that tax cuts are proportional to a large part, on how much you earn, but don't make pretend anyone other than rich people will really benefit from it.

Bush Tax Cuts Don't Help Middle Class

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Republican Indicted

Kentucky governor Ernie Fletcher indicted amid claims of awarding political supporters state jobs. Is this a way of life for Republicans? True or untrue, there will be a sweep in the November elections. People are tired of hearing about such things.

Kentucky Governor Indicted

Sheeple-A Comic Strip

Governing Through Fear Mongering

Bush Lied About Spy Program

Ugghhhh...the lies he tells just go on and on and noone cares. He looked the camera straight on and said only international calls were being monitored. That we know, is now a lie, which of course, everyone with common sense knew.

Millions Of Domestic Calls Harvested

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

4 Year Old Indian Boy Runs 40 Miles

US Mothers Deserve Large Salary

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